Tarot Project


Will this deck be published?

Absolutely! The deck will be printed upon completion of the artwork and will be available worldwide along with a book.

What is the name of the deck?

Right now, I don't have a name yet, but this is something I'll be working on soon, along with a logo that will fit the tarot deck as well as other potential products that would fit under the same brand. 'Illustrated tarot' is a placeholder.

When will the deck be finished?

The tarot deck is one of many project I work on, since most of my other projects are commission-based and do have deadlines, the tarot project doesn't have the highest priority. Based on my experience so far, I expect to finish the artwork for the deck by the end of 2020. After this, I need to create a book to go along with the deck and do research on printing and distribution, this will likely take a few months extra.

Do you have a kickstarter/crowdfunding?

No, for the simple reason that, as of right now, I don't need any type of funding. I don't find it fair to ask my supporters for money for a project that has no strict deadline or sample of the final product. Until I get closer to the publication of the deck, you can support my work by following me on Facebook or Instagram, interaction on social media truly helps me gaining audience, which is critical at this stage of the project. Another way to support my work is by purchasing one of the original hand drawn cards on my Etsy.

Do you have a publisher?

No, I don't have a publisher. This project is one of the few projects that's completely my own, from start to finish. I want to ensure the quality of the final product and carefully source the companies I collaborate with. The only way to achieve this is by arranging the printing and distribution of the products myself.

Will the deck be on Amazon?

My deck won't be on Amazon. I think Amazon is a great platform to reach a broad market but it's also notorious for counterfitting and the hijacking of listings. For the consumer, it's hard to tell the original listing from the copy cats. To prevent this, my deck will only be for sale through selected webshops and physical stores, which will all be listen on my website.

Which medium do you use to make the cards?

The paper is Canson Mixed-media, which I cut into 11x20cm rectangles. For the line-art I use fineliners from Micron, the color is a type of watercolor called Ecoline, by Royal Talens. It's a transparent acrylic paint that doesn't cover the line-art and has incredible pigment.

Can you give me a reading?

No, I'm an illustrator who has an interest in symbolism, (art)history and mythology. I'm fascinated by the concept of tarot and I do thorough research in order to create accurate yet unique designs to fit each card, but I don't give readings.

Which languages do you speak?

My main communication language is English, since more than half of my audience comes from English speaking countries, but I often get comments and messages in other languages:

Ik ben Nederlands, dus vragen en opmerkingen op mijn sociale media kunnen in het Nederlands geplaatst en beantwoord worden.

Estoy aprendiendo Español, me encanta practicar con ustedes y responder sus preguntas.

Je comprends français mais je ne peux pas bien l'écrire. je réponds à votre commentaire en anglais.

Ich verstehe Deutsch, aber ich kann es nicht gut schreiben. Ich antworte auf Ihren Kommentar in Englisch.